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AVC with integrated DEOD delivered

The AVC is one of our front products. This dewatering container for sludge treatment has improved customers’ efficiency all over the globe since we launched our first version of the container more than 40 years ago. The AVC is perfect for treating large quantities of sludge because of its capability of a volume reduction of up to 90 percent. In many cases, it is combined with a separate electrical or diesel-driven pumping unit and polymer dosing system (EOD or DEOD)

However, we also offer to integrate the EOD/DEOD unit into the container, which is a good solution when the AVC has to be moved often for operations at several locations. Recently, we have delivered this container to our customer in Switzerland. The measurements of the container are 6000/2500/2600 mm, and it comes with an integrated diesel-driven pumping unit and polymer dosing system (3 cylinder Kabota engine with a 12 KVA generator) Its sludge pump is an Allweiler (30m³/h), and the polymer tank has a capacity of 800 litres.

Please visit our gallery for more pictures of the AVC.

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