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Large-scale project in Mumbai, India

With our KSA technology, we offer solutions for emptying and maintaining septic tanks in even the most densely populated areas. In 2020, we have supplied the city of Mumbai with two KSA Special Edition units. We manufactured the units in Denmark and trained the Indian crews operating the units. Because of the current travel restrictions, we had to run the training sessions online, which fortunately gave the desired outcome. As we speak, the units operate in the narrow streets of this major Indian city. The reduced size of the KSA Special Edition unit makes it perfectly suited for tasks in busy cities, where emptying septic tanks is often difficult due to heavy traffic and crowded streets.

Our KSA system has a large capacity because it can reduce the volume of sludge by up to 90 percent. In other words, our dewatering solutions have helped the authorities of Mumbai handle their challenges in an efficient and more environmentally friendly way. For that reason, the council of Mumbai have made another order of 7 new KSA Special Edition units, which will give them a total of 9 Simon Moos units for sludge dewatering.

Read more about our work in India in this press release

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