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Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S are pleased to announce that Per Madsen has been appointed as our CEO. In 2019, we have had a profitable partnership with Per Madsen as a consultant and advisor through his company PRM Consulting. We are happy to continue this partnership.

Per Madsen’s educational background is in mechanical engineering and production technology. Furthermore, he is a Bachelor of Commerce and has a diploma degree in management. Before entering the boardroom, Per Madsen has worked as a project manager for Lachenmeier Monsun, among others.

Even more international and green

Per Madsen has already taken on a wide range of projects for Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S. This includes further extending international knowledge of our products and starting up new management and innovation projects. He is happy to reveal some of his visions of the company:

“We are a company that is dedicated to our solid construction work, and that is a dedication I want to sharpen even more. Our knowhow and skills, which we use to construct effective mobile dewatering units, have great international potential. Similarly, I want to build on our existing work on green solutions and focus more on the fact that what we offer are actually environmentally sustainable solutions for dewatering and treatment of wastewater.”

We looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Per Madsen.

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