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We have supplied construction group Brdr. Nørulf with a combined Jet-vac and water jetter

We have just handed over a new Jet-vac to the construction group Brdr. Nørulf A/S in Nordborg, Denmark. The unit in question is a combined Jet-vac and water jetter built on a tridem (8x4*2) MAN truck chassis. The unit has a 13,8 cubic metre sludge tank and is Brdr. Nørulf’s first 4-axis Jet-vac bought new. It has been custom-made to meet the demands of the company and will be used for a great number of tasks, incl. sludge suction, tv-inspection tasks, tank cleaning and typical sewer service tasks.

With a jetting pump capacity of 333 liter/min and 170 bar, the unit is designed to handle heavy jetting tasks. A crane cassette and a 5 inch suction hose cassette are installed on the unit. In addition, it comes with video equipment for tv-inspection tasks and it has an ADR approval, which means it can transport hazardous goods.

More pictures of the unit can be found in our gallery.

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