MOOS Futura

MOOS Futura is a three-section operator vehicle for servicing pump wells etc.

MOOS Futura is compliant with all future standards for multi-functionality, operation and health and safety. All core tasks - cleaning, hosing of pump wells, servicing, repair and replacement of pumps - are performed from the same vehicle by a single operator. And convenience facilities are always right at hand.

  1. Sludge suction and hosing
    The sludge suction tank is divided into 4m³ sludge and 2m³ water. 2 extra hose water tanks on the sides provide a total water capacity of 4m³. The suction column is equipped with a 4-inch suction hose and is of course fully remotely controlled.
  2. Working platform and crane
    The working platform and crane mean optimal working conditions when servicing and replacing pumps.

    The crane has a 3.7m extension and 980 kg lift capacity. Pumps, well covers, etc. can thus be handled easily.
  3. Changing room and washbasin
    Right behind the cab, the MOOS Futura is fitted with a changing and convenience compartment that gives the driver plenty of space in which to change clothing, as well as a large washbasin with hot and cold water. Internally, the convenience compartment is divided into clean and contaminated sections which are separated by a sliding door, so that driving and working clothes can be stored separately.

 With the MOOS Future you will meet future requirements in advance.


  • Easily operated by a single operator.
  • Sludge suction unit with vacuum and hose element.
  • Extra hose tank offers total capacity of four cubic metres.
  • Fully remote-controlled hose column with four-inch hose.
  • 3.8 tonne/metre triple-jib Palfinger crane.
  • Working platform at the rear with space for load as required.
  • Convenience compartment with changing room and washbasin with hot and cold water.


MOOS Futura

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