MOOS Jet-Vac

We will build your new Jet-vac from scratch, with care and consideration, suiting your requirements with precision.

The MOOS Jet-vac is a solution that is completely adapted to your wishes and requirements. Right from the start, our focus is on how we can make a contribution to your business and make your everyday work easier. We do not stop working on the project before all employees have been trained in the most effective workflows.
We deliver
We construct the MOOS Jet-vac on everything from twin to quad-axle chassis, with a total weight from 3.5 tonnes up to 32 tonnes. And you can have your equipment just the way you want it. We deliver a compact, fully hydraulic construction with a short overall length, always using recognised sub-assemblies and well-proven total solutions. This is your guarantee that your custom-built MOOS Jet-vac will live up to the market’s most stringent requirements and will deliver the goods. Every day.
Easy, simple and efficient
Assuring you an easy, effective and simple daily routine lies at the heart of what we do. The point of departure for our design is therefore always user-friendliness, simple operation and easy maintenance. Our opinion is that basic maintenance and repairs should be easy, allowing you to perform most tasks yourself. And in the unlikely event of a problem, we will, of course, provide service.


  • User-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Fully hydraulic construction.
  • Recognised sub-components.
  • Proven total solutions.
  • Compact construction and simple servicing.
  • Focus on short overall length and low height.
  • Maximised load capacity.
  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • Equipped with PLC control.
  • Easily operated by a single person.
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