MOOS Recycler

A MOOS Recycler is an at-hand solution when bigger tasks require large amounts of hose water.

With a MOOS Recycler, you always have access to hose water. The recycler cleans water that is extracted from sludge, recycling it as hose water so you do not run out of water during your workday. A MOOS Recycler allows you to use hose water while suctioning, which makes the unit ideal for larger applications requiring greater quantities of water, or in areas distant from water supplies. The MOOS Recycler saves you both time and driving time.

Not only good for your bottom line, but for the environment, too
The MOOS Recycler is, of course, also equipped with a 2,700 litres clean water tank capacity for situations requiring extra water.

The MOOS Recycler makes it possible for most tasks to be performed using recycled water, to benefit the environment, the service life of the Jet-vac and your bottom line!


  • The MOOS Recycler is ideal for applications that require large amounts of water.
  • Rotation filter including hose nozzle for self-cleaning rinse function.
  • Pressure transducer rated to 500 l/min 220 bar.
  • Six clean water tanks, 450 litres.
  • The hydraulic system is built from recognised, reliable components which are traded throughout Europe.
  • The electrical system is controlled and monitored by a PLC control system.
  • Easily operated by a single person.
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