MOOS KSA Special Edition

The MOOS KSA Special Edition offers all the benefits of our KSA system, at an advantageous price.

MOOS KSA Special Edition has been specially designed to be able to operate in urban and rural areas that larger vehicles are unable to access. MOOS KSA Special Edition is constructed on a twin-axle chassis. Its reduced size permits quick and efficient separation of sludge into solid waste and water, even when space is narrow. This solution is easy for a single person to operate.

90 percent more
Our specially developed KSA system reduces water content in sludge by up to 90 percent, and the clean water can be directed back to, for example, the septic tank so that only the solid waste needs to be transported. This means that the system is able to process up to 90 percent more sludge than traditional Jet-vacs before emptying is required. 

MOOS KSA Special Edition ensures high capacity and a greatly reduced transportation time, even at hard-to-access locations.

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  • Provides access to geographically restricted areas.
  • Sludge tank: 3,000 litres. Dewatering catchment tank: 4,900 litres. Rejected water tank: 1,900 litres.
  • Volume reduction by up to 90 percent.
  • Self-sufficiency in hosing water.
  • Easily operated by a single person.
  • Reduced landfill costs.
  • Substantial reduction in transport and labour time.
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