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Working from home – but work force still intact

We follow the official recommendations from the Danish authorities regarding covid-19. Our employees work from home at the moment in order to reduce the danger of infection. But everything runs like it usually does! Despite less crowded offices, hallways and factory halls, our labour force is still the same. Our employees work at full throttle to help our customers, ready to pick up the phone or answer emails, handling all kinds of questions and inquiries.

“We have a well-functioning VPN connection, and our systems are generally geared for working at home. In reality, customers and other stakeholders will not be able to notice any difference between communicating with employees who are at the office and employees who are sitting in their basement home offices,” our IT and quality manager Jens Andersen explains. In the picture above, Jens is in his home office.


More pictures from employees’ home offices:







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