After sales support

The market’s toughest subcomponents

A sludge suction unit that is not in operation is sucking up money instead of sludge. This is why our mission is to minimise the amount of time your units are not in operation. We achieve this in three ways:


  • We only stock spare parts that live up to our high quality requirements. Our units are built to withstand hard use in harsh environments. Our spare parts must be able to do the same.
  • We only use new technology once this has been tested sufficiently, and we have seen that the product is stable in practice. A smart solution is only smart if it also works long-term.

  • We are always ready to help you when you need us. We also send all spare parts either express or with day-to-day delivery. After all, you probably needed them yesterday!









Fact box:

  • Complete inventory of spare parts.
  • Professional expertise and advice.
  • Online technical support.
  • Express delivery or day to day.
  • Track and trace.
  • Competitive prices.