It makes good economic and environmental sense to improve and update your units. Renovating your old units can give them a new, and even improved life.

Renovating or transferring a unit can be a very good alternative to investing in new equipment. Over the years, our service department has renovated a large number of installations in varying degrees; from slight updates to complete refurbishment, where a system is installed on a new chassis if required.

Condition report and offer
We put together a report on the condition of your used systems, to give you an overview of the extent of the work that is required. Based on your requirements for unit renovation, we will prepare a specified quotation for the renovation work. You are always welcome to contact us for an informal chat about how we can help you.











Fact box:

  • Solid experience with renovation tasks.
  • Technicians with specialist knowledge.
  • Authorised workshop.
  • ISO certified.