It makes good economic and environmental sense to improve and update your units. Renovating your old units can give them a new, and even improved life.

At Simon Moos A/S, we recognize the value in revitalizing and optimizing older facilities. Renovation is not just a cost-effective solution; it is also a choice that supports sustainability by extending the life of existing equipment.

Our approach to renovation offers your facility an opportunity not just to be renewed, but in some cases to be transformed to meet new, changing requirements. Whether it involves minor updates or a comprehensive renovation that includes transferring to a new chassis, our service department has the necessary experience and expertise to carry out the task.

Condition Report and Customized Offer

To ensure full transparency and understanding of the project scope, we start with a thorough condition report on your used facility. This report forms the basis for our customized offer, which is carefully tailored to your specific desires and requirements for the renovated facility. Our goal is to offer a solution that not only renews your facility but also optimizes its performance and functionality in line with your needs.

You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding discussion on how we can assist you.

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After picture