Simon Moos A/S

With more than forty years of experience, Simon Moos A/S is the industry leader in know-how about sludge dewatering, sludge processing and the effective management of related tasks and logistics. We develop, manufacture and supply customised sludge dewatering units and recyclers, as well as volume reduction, management and sludge disinfection systems.

The core of our business revolves around a keen focus on making the best possible contribution towards increasing our customers’ efficiency and profitability. We operate worldwide, offering customer-specific sludge dewatering units and installations for the dewatering of content from grease traps, oil interceptors, septic tanks and cleaning systems etc.

Central to our product programme is our specially developed MOOS VacuDrain system, which is a combined sludge suction and dewatering unit which is available in a wide range of variants, from quad-axle to compact twin-axle configurations. We also offer many forms of specially designed ancillary equipment that ensures increased efficiency, greater flexibility and greater streamlining in the performance of tasks.






Environmental focus
When Simon Moos A/S started up in 1978, society was only just beginning to show concern about the surrounding environment. Focus on this concern increased through the eighties and nineties and today many countries have a strong awareness of how the future of humanity depends on how we manage our planet.


This focus has led to increased growth in demand for systems which, like our VacuDrain units, ensure an environmentally friendly form of sludge management. By performing dewatering directly on-site and by recycling water for use in hosing, our VacuDrain units reduce both the CO2 footprint and the consumption of natural resources. At the same time, dewatered sludge is now a valuable resource in the form of either agricultural fertilisers, or as a raw material in bio-gas extraction installations.


This development means that, also in the future, Simon Moos A/S will be able to maintain its original focus; the development of high-tech equipment and new expertise in the field of sludge management. Economy and the environment go hand-in-hand in this field, and new breakthroughs lie ahead.





Contributing to the UN's Global Goals
Simon Moos A/S work actively on contributing to the UN’s Global Goals. Our products and services make a world-wide contribution to the Global Goals:

6 – Clean Water and Sanitation
Our VacuDrain system and our Recycler (among others) help save water and provide solutions for sanitary improvement and wastewater treatment. We supply the entire Globe with our products and technology, and in recent years, we have increased our focus on spreading technology to developing countries.

9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
We help facilitate resilient infrastructure development by providing several continents with our technology. Furthermore, we engage in retrofitting and projects regarding efficient use of resources. Our retrofitting projects successfully transform old units into good-as-new products, thereby using resources as effectively as possible.

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
Our products and technology help improve sustainable consumption patterns in developing countries. Our technologies also ensure better use of natural resources, for instance through water recycling