MOOS High-Tip

The MOOS High-Tip allows you to move sludge from smaller units to larger containers - easily, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

When working in an area that is distant from the nearest disposal site or purification plant, many hours a day can easily be spent on transportation. Transport costs are a burden to company accounts. That is why we have developed the MOOS High-Tip, which gives you the option to unload sludge in the vicinity, thus minimising time spent driving back and forth with sludge suction vehicles, KSA or sweepers.

Reduces cost-intensive transportation
Unloading to standard containers is impossible due to their high sides. The MOOS High-Tip therefore offers easy, efficient and environmentally friendly unloading to a container in the vicinity. The sludge is unloaded directly from the sludge suction vehicle or other device to the MOOS High-Tip, from which it is tipped into the container. This is our way of ensuring reduced waste. The sides of the MOOS High-Tip are adjustable, allowing smaller units to reach it. The MOOS High-Tip is equipped with sieve grates to filter larger elements like rags and stones, as well as valves for excess sludge and water, which in turn can be dewatered using our AVC dewatering system.

MOOS High-Tip means a significant reduction in cost-intensive transport!


  • Significantly reduced transportation and costs.
  • Easy to position and transport.
  • Easy and simple operation.
  • Hydraulic tipping function.
  • Easily operated by a single person
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